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The Perfect DIY Website Solution For Small Business

Until now, when you wanted a new website you really had only 2 options:

1) Hire an expensive Web developer to create a custom Website using a highly specialized Content Management System, or…
2) Go the DIY route and waste countless hours that could have been spent more profitably doing what you do best.

While some of the more complex Content Management Systems produce fabulous results, they are not designed for the small business person who wants to be able to do more than just post a blog or make minor content changes. Typically, you need to go back to the developer for even small format changes. And, if that developer has vanished, you are back at square #1.

Going the DIY route is certainly the most budget conscious solution but, as always, you get what you pay for. Many business people who build their own sites either choose a CMS that can’t do everything they need it to, or they simply get frustrated with the process and end up with a site that’s broken.

Our approach is different.

First, we typically build with WordPress because it is, by far, the most used CMS on the planet, running nearly 75 Million websites. While building a WordPress Website from scratch can be a frustrating experience, learning how to manage it is not. In fact, most of our clients pick it up in just one 2-3 hour session.

Your web site is not an island — It needs to fit with your overall marketing image.

In addition, our extensive background in advertising and media is an added value in creating a Website that integrates with your overall marketing and branding.

Content Is Still King!

At the end of the day, nothing is more important than the content your Website presents so you will have our help here as well. Because our goal is for you to know as much about how your site works as we do, we encourage you to ask questions.

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